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Crevalle New Boat Models

Our Crevalle Showroom


Crevalle builds high-quality, reliable boats for families and fishing enthusiasts who enjoy spending time on the water. We achieve this by hiring, training and supporting builders who understand the importance of quality, reliability and customer satisfaction. We build every boat with two customers in mind: our dealers and our buyers — and our sole intention is satisfying both every single day. We are dedicated to building boats our dealers are proud to represent and our customers are proud to own.


Crevalle Boats is a hybrid bay and open water boat manufacturer.

We aim to provide extraordinary boats made with only the finest materials in the industry. We take pride in our well-experienced, qualified, and enthusiastic team of engineers, craftsmen and laborers.


  • HIGH QUALITY – We only use the finest materials available in the industry, therefore our boats are built to last with expectations of high standards of performance.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN – Our hybrid boats are a one of a kind design made for both fishermen and families alike.
  • EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE – We pride ourselves on offering personal attention to our dealers, offering an outstanding warranty program and keeping contact with the customer throughout the process.